Employers in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and throughout the country are realizing a new normal in that remote employees are not necessarily less productive.  As a result, the remote work trend will likely continue and, with it, new Workers Compensation risks will need to be contemplated.  Of note, home workstations must be created to the same ergonomic level that employees had within the office.  If employers do not contemplate these risks, employers’ Workers Compensation claims can become unmanageable and, as a result, their Experience Modifier will increase, raising costs.

Keys to proper workstation positioning:

  • Maintain neck in an upright position so the screen is at or slightly below eye level
  • The monitor should be at least 18 inches from eyes
  • Keep elbows at the sides of the body and at a right angle to the keyboard
  • Keep wrists in a straight or neutral position to avoid stressors on the carpel tunnel
  • Avoid excessive force such as gripping the mouse too tightly or typing in the same position for too long

To achieve this positioning, investment in ergonomic Home Office equipment is necessary, specific to each employee:

  • Chair
  • Foot/Leg Positions
  • Keyboard
  • Workstation
  • Display Screen/Monitor
  • Lighting/Glare Reduction

For additional detail, request our Ergonomic Workstation Checklist, including ideal specifications for each piece of equipment.  Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group’s goal is to help you manage insurance costs and minimize risk.  Call us today at (561) 571-1001 to learn more about managing the safety of your employees and, in turn, your company’s Workers Compensation costs.

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