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No matter what industry you operate in, there are risks that come with unique responsibilities. This is especially true for hotel operators as ensuring the safety of guests is of the utmost importance. From rigorous food safety compliance to managing amenities such as pools and exercise rooms, there are a variety of insurable risks hotel operators must mitigate. In this blog, we will discuss the most common risks associated with the hospitality industry.

4 Common Risks Hotel Owners Face

Property Exposure

Property exposures in hotels are abundant due to high volumes of equipment and valuable items. Over time, the risk of property damage increases, so it’s essential to periodically ensure that your property is still in compliance with building and health code regulations. Electrical wiring, plumbing, cooling, heating, and fire suppression systems must all be adequately preserved.

Product Liability 

If your hotel has an on-site restaurant or offers room service, food and product liability are of great concern. The risk of potential food poisoning, contamination, injury, spoilage, and allergic reaction are all present, making guest safety a challenging task. Employees at your hotel must be properly trained in handling food and beverages. Also, hotel operators must consider the potential risk of gift shop items. 

Employee/Guest Injuries

Whether it’s to employees or guests, slips, trips, and falls are some of the most common injuries faced in hotels. Poor housekeeping or kitchen spills can both lead to injuries and potential liability, so keeping facilities clean and putting up hazard signs is necessary. Moreover, cleaning and maintenance operations can lead to lung, eye, or skin irritation. It’s absolutely essential to have the right workers’ compensation policy in place to protect your team members. 

Security and Crime

Handling the potential of crime is a serious endeavor of hotel managers. Guests and vendors alike have the opportunity to steal from your property. To make matters worse, thieves don’t need direct access to cash to steal from you, they can go for equipment or supplies. Also, criminals can break into guests’ vehicles, and, in some cases, you may be held responsible for damages. 

To most effectively prevent crime, it’s important to invest in the right security, video surveillance, and access control to all rooms/amenities. Ensuring that guests feel safe with a strong level of security is key to providing a great lodging experience. 

Guest Safety Tips

Although it’s the hotel operator’s responsibility to provide a clean and safe environment, there are several tips guests should consider when staying at a hotel. The following are essential guest safety tips that could help prevent common risks:

  • Identify all emergency exits upon arrival
  • Shut window curtains when leaving your room
  • Lock and secure your vehicle and all valuables
  • Ensure all locks on doors and windows work
  • Keep good track of your room keys
  • Don’t open the door for anyone until properly identified
  • If you see any suspicious activity, call the front desk and/or police immediately

By reading through these tips prior to a trip, guests can support a safe hotel environment. 

Take Control of Your Risk Management

Business owners in the hospitality industry need the right insurance to protect their property, customer records, employees, and third-party liabilities. At Biscayne Risk & Insurance, we hold vast experience in providing insurance solutions and risk minimization services in the hospitality industry.

Working with us allows you to design the perfect risk management and insurance plan for your unique circumstances. No matter what type of solutions you need, our team of risk management experts is here to deliver services tailored to your specific needs. For more information on how we can help take control of your risk management, please contact us today to set up an appointment. 

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