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Waterfront restaurants are quite common in Florida because of the state’s extensive coastline, lakes, and rivers. However, giving your customers a scenic waterfront dining view can come with unique risks and challenges. Owners of waterfront restaurants have to understand how to mitigate these risks and it’s going to require careful planning, an investment in proper infrastructure, regulation compliance, and more. Being prepared can help businesses thrive in a coastal environment while minimizing the risks of potential setbacks.

The Potential Risks Facing Waterfront Restaurants


Waterfront restaurants in certain regions that are prone to hurricanes, such as Florida are at a risk for strong winds, storm surges, and heavy rain associated with hurricanes or tropical storms. Hurricane season typically lasts from the beginning of June until the end of November.


Coastal areas are also prone to heavy flooding from rainfall, storm surges, or rising sea levels. This can cause significant damage to property, equipment, and inventory.


Coastal erosion can be a threat to the stability of waterfront restaurants. Shoreline protection efforts are becoming more necessary to prevent harmful erosion. Florida has formed the Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection to address rising sea levels and coastal restoration.

Safety Hazards

In line with a coastal setting, waterfront restaurants can have docks, piers, or other structures that can cause safety risks to customers or employees. Slips or falls could result in injuries related to water activities. Depending on how a restaurant utilizes these nearby features, there could be an increased risk of accidents.

Food Safety 

As with other types of restaurants, there are risks involved with the storage and preparation of food. Improper methods could cause foodborne illnesses.


The success of waterfront restaurants can rely heavily upon the weather and tourism patterns. Fluctuations with either can lead to issues with cash flow and profitability.


Some waterfront areas can be host to a variety of marine animals, birds, or insects. These creatures can create issues for employees and customers in the form of disturbances and sanitation problems.


Benefits of Adequate Restaurant Insurance

Addressing these risks will require owners of waterfront restaurants to perform an assessment and implement safety measures. Business owners will also have to keep an eye on weather forecasts along with local, state, and federal regulations. Another important step is having the appropriate insurance in place. Benefits of having insurance for waterfront restaurants include:


Property Protection

An insurance policy that covers property damage is essential to waterfront restaurants. Any damage related to hurricanes, storms, flooding, and fires should be covered. Make sure the protection includes the restaurant building, fixtures, equipment, and inventory. You’ll want a policy that will help you to repair or replace damaged items.

Flood Coverage

Most policies will not cover flood damage, but waterfront restaurants are at a particularly higher risk of flooding. Make sure you obtain flood insurance and that it includes the financial support you’ll need to recover from a flood-related loss. 

Business Interruption Protection

In case your restaurant has to temporarily close, you may need business interruption insurance to help cover the lost income. This will allow your waterfront restaurant to continue operating once the damage is repaired. 

Liability Protection 

This is crucial to any restaurant. It will cover legal fees, settlements, and medical fees related to any accidents or injuries that occur on the property. General Liability includes coverage for slip and fall incidents, foodborne illnesses, and other liability claims.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers at waterfront restaurants may be subject to unique risks associated with water-related activities. When you have workers’ compensation insurance, it will ensure the coverage of any medical expenses and lost wages for your employees who are injured on the job.


Waterfront Protections You’ll Need for Your Business


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With our customizable insurance options and expert guidance, you can be sure that your waterfront restaurant can thrive while staying protected from unique challenges. Simply contact us to learn more about how to get started. We have a team of experienced insurance professionals who are waiting to assist you!

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