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A cyber attack is a malicious attempt to steal, expose, alter, or disable unauthorized information or access through computer systems. Typically, the attacker sees financial gain or benefit from the security breach. Along with the attack itself, there is typically downtime to the company’s services that can halt incoming revenue. Most companies are not financially equipped to handle a cyber attack on their organization.

There are a variety of forms of cyber security breaches. The most common types of cyberattacks are:

  1. Malware which can come from malicious website downloads or spam emails. Most malware attacks give the attacker backdoor access to the company’s sensitive information and data. 
  2. Structural query language which happens when an attacker injects malicious code into vulnerable servers and networks, forcing the server to deliver protected information. 
  3. Phishing attacks that occur when an attacker impersonates a reliable source and sends emails to attract the victim to click on a malicious link and provide sensitive information. Phishing attacks are one of the most common cyber security threats.
  4. Password attacks occur when an attacker accesses the company’s password and gains entry to the system and network. 
  5. Zero-day exploit happens when an attacker becomes aware of any network vulnerabilities to a company and uses that as an opportunity to infiltrate the company’s system. 
  6. Denial-of-Service floods a system’s resources, servers, and/or networks to overload the system. This reduces the system’s ability to function correctly and makes it susceptible to data breaches. 
  7. Ransomware involves the attacker encrypting the company’s data so that the company cannot access it without the proper decryption. The attacker holds the company’s information for ransom. 
  8. Man-in-the-Middle occurs when an attacker intercepts a two-party transaction, and the attacker then steals the two-party’s information.

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