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General liability insurance gives businesses coverage for various risks. It’s designed to protect businesses if they are legally responsible for bodily injury, property damage, or more.

The key aspects of general liability insurance are:


  • Bodily Injury – This covers the costs of injuries to third parties such as customers or visitors when an accident occurs on the business’s property or as a result of the business’s operations.
  • Property Damage – It helps to cover the costs of damage to someone else’s property that happens as a result of the business activities.
  • Personal Injury – It offers protection against claims of defamation, copyright infringement, or other personal injuries.
  • Legal Defense – This insurance policy covers legal defense costs, including attorney and court fees, in case of a covered claim or lawsuit.
  • Medical Payments – It covers the medical fees associated with injuries to a third party.

Why Is General Liability Insurance Important?

General liability insurance is important for protecting businesses from financial problems and legal challenges. It’s a proactive step businesses can take to secure their stability and longevity.


  • Lawsuit Protection – Businesses can face legal claims for various reasons. General liability insurance gives businesses the coverage they need to cover legal costs and avoid significant financial losses.
  • Financial Security – Without insurance, a business could be held liable for the entire costs of any settlement or judgment. This could be financially exhausting for a business and could lead to bankruptcy.
  • Credibility – When a business has general liability insurance, it can enhance the business’s credibility and trustworthiness. It shows that the business is protected from any unexpected events.
  • Risk Management –  General liability insurance is crucial for a business’s overall risk management strategy. It helps with identifying and mitigating potential risks.

What Factors Determine the Costs of General Liability Insurance?


The costs for general liability insurance depend on various factors. Insurance providers have to consider these factors before they can determine a premium for the policy.


  • Business Type – The type of industry a business is in can determine the cost of a general liability insurance premium.
  • Business Size – The size of the business, revenue, number of employees, and payroll can play a factor in the cost of general liability insurance. Businesses that have more exposure may see higher premiums.
  • Location – The business’s location can impact insurance costs. If a business is set up in an area that is prone to harsh weather conditions or high crime rates, the business could face a higher premium.
  • Claims History – Insurance providers look at a business’s claims history when determining a premium cost. A business with significant claims or frequent claims could very likely see a higher premium.
  • Risk Management – If your business has adequate risk management practices in place, insurers could enact a lower premium. This could include safety protocols, training for employees, and other measures.

How Can Businesses Get a Discount on General Liability Insurance?


A business can be eligible for a discount on general liability insurance by implementing certain practices. Here are several strategies that businesses can consider if they would like an opportunity to receive a discount on their general liability insurance.

  • Industry Associations – When a business is part of an industry association or obtains relevant certifications can lead to a discount on general liability insurance. These associations may look favorable to an insurer as it can perceive a business as lower risk.
  • Training Programs – When a business puts training programs in place for employees it can lower the risk of accidents that could then lead to liability claims.
  • Bundle Policies – Some insurance providers provide discounts for businesses that bundle multiple types of insurance coverage.

How Can Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group Help You Obtain General Liability Insurance?


When safeguarding your business against unforeseen risks, you will need general liability insurance. It can help to empower business owners to thrive with confidence.

Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group offers tailored general liability insurance plans that can suit your unique needs. We can help you to strengthen your business against uncertainties.

Our team can also supply you with business auto insurance that is also designed to provide valuable protection for your business.

Please contact us to learn more about all of our insurance coverage options that can help protect your business. We look forward to working with you!

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